Lighting Controls


Our lighting control solution is designed to provide commercial-grade wireless lighting controls that are reliable, automated, simple, and secure. We take a holistic approach to enterprise power management through an integrated hardware/software solution that allows our clients to control lights and HVAC systems.

Alternegy has integrated the most intelligent lighting control system with IoT architecture and LED lighting solutions,

We help our customers monitor and control their lighting systems with a combination of smart sensors. This allows them to better understand their energy usage via the Cloud and in turn reduces their energy costs by up to 80% while achieving maximum energy optimization

By adding lighting controls you will:

  • Enhance safety
  • Improve security
  • Reduce energy consumption, reduce energy costs
  • Reach sustainability goals



Commercial Energy Savings

Occupancy/Vacancy 30-60% lighting
Daylight harvesting 25-60% lighting
Dimming control 10-20% lighting
Plug load control 15-50% controlled loads


Detects when someone is in a room and leaves lights on. Turns on lights when someone enters a darkened room provides an automatic level of security. You can set the level of brightness when lights are idle or upon the detection of movement, which can save more energy depending on the settings. These features can dramatically improve energy efficiency.

Occupancy Sensor

An infrared sensor is used to identify body temperature so that we can have the most up-to-date information on the occupancy in a room. Lights are turned on when there are people in the room, and when the room is vacant the lights will dim down according to the brightness settings. This will result in significant energy savings.

Daylight Harvesting

Control system that reduces electric light in building interiors when daylight is available, in order to reduce energy consumption.   It takes advantage of naturally available light, a key energy-saving strategy for commercial spaces. The electric lights in a space can automatically be dimmed downed or turned off when enough natural light is entering the space.


Instead of shutting the lights off when enough daylight triggers the photosensor, daylight dimming allows lighting to be continuously adjusted in proportion to the amount of sunlight available.



Leverage a variety of simple user interfaces such as mobile applications to control and configure the smart lighting.



Set schedules for preset scenes and to automate the lighting of an environment.


Our Smart Lighting Control Solution

What are the Benefits?

With a Lighting Control system, lights can be controlled on-site or remote, so you’re always in control. Our lighting solutions are customizable to most appropriately fit the needs of your staff and building. You can implement the following practices with our lighting systems:

* Exterior lighting control according to time schedules
* Interior lighting control according to building and occupant scheduling hours
* Special event schedules per building or section
* Turn lights on or off remotely to conserve energy

Our automated lighting systems including both control and occupancy sensors help to better manage your facilities, increase safety for your occupants and reduce energy cost.



  • Real-time monitoring and alarming of street and area lights
  • Intelligent dispatch Sunrise/sunset management and savings—no
  • Easy, quick and reliable setup
  • Automated forecast, budget and control of monthly demand cost
  • Software-based, upgradable, “future proof” platform

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