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About Us


Alternegy is an IoT and Sustainable Solutions company that has been at the forefront of the need for businesses to go off grid since 2012. Our solutions provide an immediate net profit, increased net present value of the property, and seamless forward compatible integration.

The current technological landscape is constantly changing, and growing, making it near impossible for a property owner or manager to navigate. At Alternegy, we identify, research, deploy, and maintain the proper solutions your property needs to run effectively and efficiently.

Alternegy can guide you through the least complicated, and most advanced solutions available.  We start with a one on one approach to discover what your needs are, then present you with all the available solutions for your property.

We will discuss in detail the pros, cons, and all estimated costs or ROI’s you could expect to see with each solution. Once you have a vision, we will complete any site visits necessary to gather data on your building or I.T. infrastructure.

Alternegy will even help you discover and attain all available rebates, incentives, grants, and financing options available.

Commitment to Excellence

Alternegy’s professional staff has extensive knowledge and experience in projects related to Energy Management, Lighting Installation and Design, HVAC, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Monitoring, Telecommunications and more. Delivering world-class customer service and technical support are not goals, they are part of how we do business.


Our consultants have extensive experience in identifying and implementing renewable energy opportunities.


As an independent consultancy, we are vendor agnostic and able to find the specific solution for your business.


We review all available renewable energy sources local to your site, from production by-products and waste, to traditional renewable resources, such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.


We offer an end-to-end service and can assist in the design, product sourcing, project management, commissioning and installation.

Operation & Maintenance

Innovative solutions and preventative maintenance programs ensure top performance and maximize ROI.


Various financing options available including leases, Solutions As A Service (SASS) and Off Book Financing.

We provide a broad range of energy management solutions. Our solutions not only help reduce usage and costs  but also increase productivity and efficiency. We can offer new energy solutions or an upgrade to more efficient equipment. We provide the perfect tools to support sustainability initiatives and capital to quickly implement those costly projects that reduce energy usage.

Regardless of the nature of the project, we take pride in consistently delivering an exceptional consulting experience that addresses the unique challenges of each client. We achieve this by working alongside our clients through small, hands-on consulting teams, insisting on active collaboration, all to facilitate an open exchange of ideas.

We hold ourselves to high standards through a belief that client success is the best measure of our own success.