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Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar is no longer out of reach, in fact it’s becoming common and even mandatory for new construction in some parts of the country. With increased efficiency, lower cost per watt, and improved batteries Solar Power is now something anyone can cost justify and easily implement, if they want to.

Making use of solar energy is a smart strategy for any business. By installing PV you can essentially lock in a low electricity rate for years to come, with a very favorable return on your investment. Commercial PV installation is not limited to corporate giants; small businesses can easily attain PV installations that create significant savings.


How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy, otherwise known as PV (Photovoltaic) systems are one of the best forms of electricity generation a business can leverage. They are a clean and renewable source of energy, that harnesses the power of the sun to create Direct Current (DC) power. This DC power is fed into a power inverter that changes the DC power into usable Alternating Current (AC) power.


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The Solar Panels Are Made Up Of Photovoltaic (PV) Cells, Which Convert Sunlight Into Direct Current (DC) Electricity.


This Device Converts The DC Electricity Generated By The Solar Panels Into The Alternating Current (AC) Electricity.


The AC Electricity Is Sent From The Inverter To Your Electrical Panel To Power Your Lights And Appliances With Solar Energy.


The Electrical Meter Measures Your Energy Use. It Actually Goes Backward When Your System Generates More Power Than You Immediately Need. This Excess Solar Energy Offsets The Energy You Use At Night.


Our Monitoring System Continuously Tracks Your Energy Production And Ensures That Your Solar Power System Is Running Smoothly.


Your Business Is Still Connected To The Grid. You’ll Need That Power From The Utility Company At Night, But Don’t Worry. The Cost Is Offset By Any Excess Solar Energy You Put Into The Grid During The Day.

Why Going Solar Is Important?

Commercial electricity costs are expensive and the price of oil is continuously rising. It is important to go solar now and lock in electricity rates in before they increase! Plus, installing solar panels will help the environment and lower their carbon footprint.

Their are several benefits your business can take advantage of just by installing solar including heating hot water, electricity, air conditioning and more.

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Instant Return On Investment
  • Reliable & Maintenance Free
  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint
  • Lock In Power Costs For Years
  • Businesses Receive Huge Tax Rebates
  • Reduces Your Reliance On Utility Power
  • Make A Difference In Your Community
  • Save Thousands A Month On Electricity Costs
  • Can Be Financed With No Money Down & Low Monthly Payments



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