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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the new Reality

Virtual Reality is no longer a “virtual” reality for businesses, it’s the immediate future. Alternegy is helping clients use this technology to discover what’s next and stay light years ahead of the competition.

From managing and maintaining the equipment operated hardware on site to testing new surgical techniques without touching a human body.  Augmented, mixed or virtual realities can make the difference. Our experience in multiple industries allows us to not only inspire you but guide you through complex business transformations that go beyond virtual reality.


Simulates physical presence in real or imagined worlds, and enables the user to interact in that world




Superimposes content over the real world such that the content appears to a viewer to be part of the real-world scene


Mixed Reality takes AR one step further. Virtual objects are layered on top of the real world, and then, using powerful cameras and image recognition systems, those objects can detect and interact with the real world.

Augmented or Virtual: What`s the Difference?

Both virtual and augmented realities provide the experience through 3D high definition audio and video, but there is a difference: VR is completely immersive and puts a user into isolated reality while AR is only partially immersive. With augmented reality, the user can look around and through artificial objects of the expanded layer.

In AR, a computer algorithm uses sensors and markers to spot the current position of physical objects and determines locations of simulated ones. The picture is then rendered and appears on the screen.

VR uses similar markers and algorithms, but the environment is completely simulated. Once the user turns his head or moves their eyes, the graphic reacts accordingly.


What are the Benefits


Augmented reality technology can augment virtual world objects with our real world in such a way that they feel more authentic and more enriching.

VR and AR create rich, immersive and interactive user experiences, allowing the user to become both content consumers and creators. VR can allow a user to travel the world, attend their favorite sports game, concert, and more as if they were actually there.

AR has already become the choice tool of promotion for many modern-day marketers. Alternegy has the resources and ability to achieve your goal of a personalized interactive AR advertisement or campaign.


Advantages of Augmented Reality for Business

With AR, users are able to try on clothes without actually wearing them or check if the furniture they want fits the interior and looks good. The ability to touch and smell will soon join the AR and VR universe.
AR is going to change the shape of commerce. The core advantage for business’ in augmented reality development for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and understanding. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.
The biggest benefits of AR in business marketing is that it can significantly improve revenue in the short and long run and creates value through personalized content and new business models.