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Atmospheric Water Creation


Pull water out of thin air anywhere in the world

Unique and advanced technologies to extracts fresh water directly from the air

We offer unique and advanced solutions to extract fresh water directly from the air. The Air to Water technology helps alleviate dependence from the local water supply, by harvesting enough fresh water from the air to supply a single-family home, office, and much more.

The Need for New Water Sources

As the global water crisis worsens every year, the demand for a solution increases. Water is not running out, but every year more of us are sharing it. Additionally, drought, contamination, and pollution are serious problems worldwide. Air-to-Water technology will provide a solution to the world’s water crisis, as water becomes the most valuable commodity on the planet. With our advanced air-to-water technology, water is extracted from the humidity in the air and does not deplete the existing water supply. Water vapor can continue to be extracted from the air indefinitely without impacting the planet. Using this technology will contribute to the reduction of the carbon emissions by eliminating the need and added expense of bottling and transporting water.


Air-To-Water Technology provides you with the most convenient water option.

  • Quick & Easy Maintenance
  • No Storing Or Lifting Heavy Bottles
  • No Fluctuating Water Bills
  • Continuous Supply Of Hot & Cold Purified Water
  • Long Term Performance And Sustainability
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Air-to-Water systems provide an endless supply of eco-friendly drinking water while reducing the carbon footprint of your business/home and helpi ngto make a positive impact on the environment
  • Health Choice
  • Air-To-Water Technology is the healthy & clean choice for your home/workplace.

The perfect solution for small to large commercial enviroments








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Solar Panels Turns Air Into Water

This panel taps into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air, using sunlight to power a renewable supply of drinking water. Without the waste of bottled or filtered water, it is water you can feel good about drinking. A single  array offsets the equivalent of over 70,000 plastic bottles over ten years and wastes zero water.

Portable Air to Water Machines

Replace old style coolers & produce water straight from the air in your office.

“Everyone has the right to fresh, clean water.”

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