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We provide our clients with a range of services including energy management solutions, telecom, IoT, and sustainable services to industries and businesses that are looking to increase their profits and maximize productivity. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver proven results to customers across all types of industries.

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Automating Active Shooter Responses in Schools

With the increase in school shootings, it is important to take advantage of modern technology to keep schools safer. It takes an average of 3-5 minutes after a shooting occurs before emergency responders are notified of the event. A fully automated active shooter response system is designed to protect the public from active shooter incidents and detect gunfire both indoors and outdoors. To start saving as many lives as possible we must start looking towards automation.

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HONOLULU—, and — Sunetric, Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated solar installer, has donated two solar photovoltaic systems to raise funds for two local charities assisting Japan. The first is the American Red Cross Hawaii State Chapter and the second is the “With Aloha” Foundation. Donations raised through the website will…

Our goal is to be a trusted energy consultant and long-term partner, delivering the highest quality systems and state of the art technical solutions that lower your bills, cut your carbon footprint and increase your net present value.