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Smart Ambulances

Problems with today’s Ambulances

Today’s ambulances really just evolved from horses and carts that were used during war time.  Because of this, many of the tools that techs need are not easily accessible while a patient is in the ambulance.  Everything is cramped into tight quarters.  The bed blocks many of the drawers and tools needed to treat patients.

How Smart Ambulances are addressing some of the these issues

Better Data

They are equipped with a Digital Communications and Monitoring System – This is a diagnostic system that monitors the patient and sends data back to the hospital.

This will help in determining which hospital is best to route a particular patient to based on their ailments.

It gives patient information to techs as well, enabling them to better treat a patient.

It may also allow for the patient to be treated on the spot, forgoing the need to route the customer to the hospital in less severe cases.


The unit slides across the roof of the ambulance which allows technicians to move it into different positions as needed.

Better Organization and Tools

Perhaps the most important component of the Smart Ambulance is that a patient is located in the center of the unit, allowing for better ergonomics for techs and easier access to tools while treating patients.

Modular Treatment Packs are organized along the wall and set up for various scenarios.

This allows the Techs to quickly access all the tools needed for various scenarios and simply replace that particular pack later.