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Smart Door Locks (Demo)

Key Advantages

No need to carry a key – Coded access allows easy entry without the need to fumble through your pocket, purse, etc. for your keys.

No loose ends – Stashing spare keys in false rocks and other decoy items is a thing of the past.  Many criminals are familiar with these devices and look for them when trying to gain entry to your home/office.

Shared Access when needed – Coded access allows you to grant entry to dog sitters, relatives, etc. without the need to provide a spare key.

Disadvantages to consider 

Socially Engineered/Hacked Codes – As with anything technologically driven, the codes to your smart door lock can be guessed or hacked via social engineering, phishing, etc.  There are safeguards in place for these intrusions however.  Too many failed attempts will trigger an alert to police automatically.

Forgotten Codes – While randomized codes will provide the best security, they can be hard to remember.  People with memory issues may need to use a more familiar sequence of numbers.  It will simply be best to avoid birth dates, anniversaries, etc. as they are susceptible to social engineering.

Power Failures – Another commonly stated disadvantage to smart door locks are failure during electrial power interruptions.  The idea is that if power fails you may not be able to gain access.  Another is that a door may remain unlocked in the event of a power failure.  Fortunately, today’s smart door locks are equipped with a battery backup.